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Benefits for YOU:

Be a Badass! Stand Out From The Crowd:

Your Portfolio of Competence© is a true Badass Differentiator that sets you apart.

Achieve Top-Tier Status:

With enhanced market awareness and demand for your services, you become a top-tier candidate for the best opportunities.

Shorten The Time To Hire:

Streamlined articulation of your competence and value makes the hiring process faster and more efficient.

Attract Recruiters and Employers:

Use your unique portfolio to attract those who align with your values and offer the challenges you seek.

Increased Compensation Opportunities:

Showcase your expertise and increase your market value for more compensation opportunities.

Enhanced Career Opportunities:

Improved qualification processes, referral and networking opportunities, and enhanced promotion chances make your career path smoother.

Achieve Employment Security:

Become indispensable to the market and ensure a more secure future.

Self-Promotion and Marketing:

Your portfolio is an assertive self-promotion and marketing tool to enhance your brand and thought leadership.

Improved Intuition and Self-Awareness:

Gain insight into yourself and other stakeholders in the staffing ecosystem, leading to enhanced intuition and self-awareness.

Sleep Better At Night:

Reduced stress and improved work/life harmony means you can rest easy, knowing you're on the right path.

Benefits for the Recruiter, HR, and Hiring Manager:

Lower Costs:

More informed hiring decisions, better alignment, and improved selection processes lead to lower HR costs.

Higher Quality Hires:

Your Portfolio of Competence© allows for a better candidate and opportunity alignment, leading to fewer bad hires and tremendous opportunity cost savings.

Time Savings:

Qualify top-tier candidates faster and more efficiently.

Improved Presentation Quality:

Your portfolio enhances the quality of candidate presentations to clients.

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